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In the beginning, there was a dream, nurtured by a vision that saw Jamaica as the future to real economic development in Caribbean. Being abundantly blessed with agricultural products and  enormous human and material resources, the country needed an opportunity to showcase its strength and potentials in the area of food production as a major export base aside from traditional raw material exports. Sue Tru Caribbean through its own local developmental initiatives and projects in the local agriculture sector has improved the competiveness of various crops including fruits, vegetables, horticulture products and honey in Jamaica.

Sue Tru  is located near the beautiful and historic town  of Morant Bay situated  in the community of Roselle overlooking the scenic waterfalls.

Our goal is to facilitate local growth and development through harnessing local talent, helping to build sustainable local farming communities and promoting trade relationships that go beyond the shores of Jamaica.

The Company has built a reputation as one of the most innovative indigenous companies in Jamaica, specializing in the manufacture of natural and healthy food products made from fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables sourced primarily from Jamaican soil.

As a result of the long-term focus, persistent belief and faith invested in the country and its potentials by the pioneering founder of the company Suzette Thomas, Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing and Distribution Limited was born in 2009. Today, Sue Tru Caribbean can look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment at our heritage and achievement as a leading provider of Consumer Food products in Jamaica.

Experienced and Reliable

Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing & Distribution Company started in 2007 with manufacturing and distributing just one product in Jamaica - ketchup.Since then, the Company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers, marketers, and distributors of gourmet foods in the Caribbean region and has gradually etched itself into the Jamaican food and beverage market by maintaining quality control backed by best  technology in all its operations.

All of Sue Tru’s products are 100% natural and made from the finest, freshest ingredients. We do not use harmful preservatives, artificial flavours or MSG.To ensure the combination of high quality, rich flavor and superior taste, our products are cooked exclusively for those “Intelligent” consumers. Our ultimate commitment is to deliver  the highest quality products while leaving a small environmental footprint and a large impact on society.


We have operated for more than 7 years as a plant approved by Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health in Jamaica.We hold a current FDA approval number and Certificate. Our products can be exported to the Caribbean, North America and Europe.


Our Food Products are marketed under the brand Sue Tru and include a range of food products that cater to a multicultural and diverse audience:

• Instant Cooking Sauces

• Hot Sauces

• Sweet Spread (Jams and Jellies)

• Wet Seasonings

• Dry Herbs and Spice Seasoning Blends (Rubs)

• Ketchups  made with Scot bonneted  pepper (Spicy)

•Ketchup made with Jamaican herbs

• Multi-purpose Drink Syrups with tropical Flavors

• Canned Fruits and Vegetables

• Beverages

Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing & Distribution produces many lines and products, some of which are proprietary (i.e. the Sue Tru Chef’s Blend Marinade and Dry Seasoning Blend lines and the Classic Sue Tru Sauce and Pepper Jelly lines).

The company ships products all over the world and has exhibited at the American Food and Beverage Show, the Summer Fancy Food Show, the UK Food and Drink and the IFE Shows in the United Kingdom.

Sue Tru Caribbean is also the exclusive manufacturer for a number of privately owned companies in Jamaica, North America and the United Kingdom.

In 2010 Sue Tru Caribbean was presented with the prestigious Bold One’s Award, a local honour  ,bestowed upon a select few companies annually whose efforts to promote and support Jamaica’s agricultural industry have been outstanding.